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1100 - 23:00 

Food menu is available from 12:00 - 22:00

Embark on a Culinary Adventure

Indulge in a captivating culinary experience at the Atrium Lobby Bar, located on the hotel's third floor with a breathtaking pool view. Step into a world of dairy delights where every bite tells a story of flavor and finesse. The Atrium Lobby Bar invites you to a realm of taste, texture, and elegance, all accompanied by enchanting melodies of live piano music for an unforgettable dining journey.


A Symphony of Dairy Delights

Our market-inspired menu is a celebration of the finest in-season ingredients, lovingly curated to bring you innovative and authentic dishes that burst with flavor. From the cherished comfort of a classic Israeli breakfast to fresh green salads that awaken the senses, our menu embodies a delightful range of options designed to satisfy every palate.


An Evening of Dining

As the sun sets and the ambiance transforms, the Atrium Lobby Bar evolves into an intimate haven for dairy connoisseurs. Join us for an enchanting evening of dining, where we invite you to explore a curated selection of dishes that showcase the versatility and richness of different ingredients.


Savor Every Sip

Elevate your dining experience with our thoughtfully curated wine list, carefully designed to harmonize with our dairy-infused culinary creations. Our knowledgeable staff stands ready to be your guides, ensuring the perfect wine pairing to elevate your meal to new heights of satisfaction.

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